We want to hear your story

Amplio is a group of 40+ men and women who are passionate about churches being intentional in their mission to reach and grow disciples of Jesus. We also have come from the trenches of daily ministry and we know the joys and the heartaches of fulfilling the mission.

Over the past 10+ years, we have partnered with over a thousand churches in five countries. Our partnerships span the smallest churches and the largest churches, churches in both rural and urban areas, churches in decline and in rapid growth, churches across all denominational and non-denominational lines.

Our various teams have expertise in key ministry areas of:

– Mission and Vision Alignment
– Strategic Planning
– Vision-Oriented Fundraising
– Leadership Coaching
– Volunteer Development
– Pastoral and Ministry Team Retreats
– Facility Projects
– Weekend Service Evaluations
– Hospitality Development
– Production Technology
– Technology Gear Sales

However, our favorite days? Hearing your church’s story.
We love conversations. Those conversations are always full of missional stories.

Our team would love to begin that conversation with you.

Daryl Cripe – Missional Alignment | Strategy | Fundraising | Coaching – [email protected] 

Joel Smith – Production Technology – [email protected]

Kaleb Wilcox – Production Technology – [email protected]

Shane Nixon – Gear Sales – [email protected]