Grand Haven, MI

Hope Church began in 1935. In a bar. Specifically for kids.

For decades, the church maintained a thriving bus ministry and family-first mentality. Kids were the priority.

Then, in the 1980s, came rules, like “no playing on property” and “no running in the Sanctuary.” Growth slowed to a point of decline for years to come.

Pastor Tim Taylor joined Hope Church in 2007 with an audacious vision: modernize worship, upgrade their facility, and perhaps most importantly, return to the church’s roots of kids-focused ministry. But a vision is only as good as having the means to see it through.

Enter their capital campaign.

Thanks to the congregation’s invigorated vision and abundant generosity, Hope completely renovated its aging building, drastically updating its sanctuary, kids area, youth area, and first impressions entryway.

Then came the people.

These days, Hope is thriving and better yet, getting messy. The swelling congregation intentionally serves the community and invites people in.

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We previously facilitated a Mission & Vision Alignment process with Hope.



We previously guided Hope through a capital campaign.