Amplio Strategy helps churches unify their focus and take next steps in their mission

We believe the Great Commission, Matthew 28:19-20, is critically serious. We also believe that to live out this mission – both individually and as a church – requires intentionality and resolve.  Your church has a clear Biblical mission. The question is, how is your local church doing in that mission? Is it a well-stated intention or is it genuinely being executed by your church leadership and your congregation?

Are individuals in your church engaging with and being invitational with their friends, neighbors, & family who do not have a relationship with Jesus? Are you experiencing new baptisms or confessions of faith? Are you experiencing a thriving ministry reaching young families as well as older generations?

Our experience is often that leadership teams desperately desire this for their church. However, they get stuck in the day to day realities of ministry. There is significant power in utilizing outside facilitation and coaching, not consulting, in helping gain clarity, unity, developing an actionable plan, and then coaching towards executing your plan. It is an opportunity to finally bring catalytic energy towards your vision, towards your next steps.

It all starts with an initial conversation

We are ministry guys and gals. We are passionate about our relationships. Our first step starts in the room with you with a conversation. There is never any obligation or expectation beyond that conversation. We simply believe that each conversation, shared learnings together, always moves the mission forward.

We Partner with all types of churches

Because we do not utilize traditional consulting, we are able to serve alongside churches of all sizes, styles, approaches, and denominations.  We are as passionate about seeing the small, rural church being intentional in their Biblical mission as the urban mega-church. We desperately want to see more people coming into a relationship with Jesus and we know that should happen in all styles of churches.

Mission & Vision Alignment Next Steps

We utilize multiple facilitation & coaching processes, customized to your unique situation, to partner with leadership & key stakeholder teams to bring refinement and unity to your unique vision. Out of this unity within your leadership, we establish working teams to take tangible next steps towards executing your mission. We move beyond just helping leadership teams discuss their mission into tangible, accountable next steps. The approaches are perfectly suited for your unique size and style and require bold decision making, fostering accountability within your leadership.

Mission & Vision Alignment

Research reflects that only 6% of churches in America are growing as a result of people coming into a relationship with Jesus. We come alongside churches to resource leaders through facilitation and pastoral coaching, to refine their vision direction, and to launch working teams to take tangible next steps.

Weekend Experience Evaluation

The trend is continuing to grow. Your unchurched friends, co-workers, and family are not seeking out your church unless personally invited. Yet, only 2% of Christ-followers actively ask non-Christ followers to visit. We believe this is because nearly all churches are not actually truly expecting or are even ready for our guests. Based on our years of experience, as well as partnering with hundreds of churches, we will come as guests and give you specific, practical observations on your guest barriers as well as tangible steps you can easily take to improve your guest experience.

Leadership Coaching

Usually beginning with Mission & Vision Alignment or a Campaign, our team will help provide an extra level of experience and accountability. We have been in your shoes and promise to share honest opinions that help you sharpen your focus.

Amplio’s Mission & Vision Alignment Process

The Install

We will facilitate Biblical-oriented Great Commission conversations with your leadership during a three-day retreat together. We will dive deep into conversations around your history, your vision, your ministries, the culture in your local area, and your unique opportunities to gain a refreshed perspective of your church. This unified perspective will then allow your team to be guided through a discernment process to identify your next intentional next leadership steps.

Implementation Teams

At the conclusion of our discernment retreat, small working teams will be established to tackle the tangible next steps identified by your leaders. These teams will be selected and invited by your leadership.


For an amount of time determined by your leadership, we will then coach these teams in developing their specific tasks and timelines as well as provide them resources specific to their work. Our coaching provides both the accountability to ensure the decisions are implemented, but also provides unlimited follow-up. In addition to email and phone support, we will return onsite with the teams in 8-10 weeks to guide them a process in which they share their work with each other, ensuring cross-functional thinking, identifying roadblocks and concerns. We will walk with your teams step by step.

Griffith First Christian Church

Griffith, IN

We partnered with Griffith to build task-oriented teams and revitalize their focus on reaching the lost. Next up on Griffith’s list? A bigger parking lot to accommodate the growing congregation.

Hope Church

Grand Haven, MI

We helped Hope align on a radical vision and complete a successful capital campaign to breath new life into their building and congregation.


“We have walked away with systems and strategies for welcoming newcomers, engaging people into serving roles, re-establishing or organizational chart and developing a fluid discipleship pathway.”

Jim Maness, Lead Pastor at Life Stream Church

“Meeting with Daryl, I realized that he is not just about an organization, a project, or a sales product. It’s just him being there for pastors and wanting to connect, build bridges, open eyes, learn what God is doing in our church and passing that onto others that might benefit from our journey of mission and ministry as well as challenge us to continue in our mission.”

Andreas Timm, Lead Pastor at Christus Centrum Tostedt in Tostedt, Germany

Partnering with Daryl and his team is the most important and best decision we have made in the last 10 years. It changed everything at Griffith First. It has brought about a renewed focus on a Kingdom mindset and unprecedented growth and life transformation.

Shawn Cornett, Lead Pastor at Griffith First Christian
“With insight and humor that is both unique and disarming, Daryl asks difficult questions that congregations need to be asked in order to help them see what stands in their way of making disciples of Jesus. Through our work with Daryl, our congregation’s focus on mission, missional energy, and leadership engagement has increased exponentially.”

Nate Pyle, Lead Pastor at Christ’s Community Church

“They worked with us and helped us see what we could do. And we actually made the choices, evaluating where we needed to change.”

Ken Scarth

Ken Scarth, Elder at Hope Church

“Daryl and team bring a breadth of wisdom and understanding in the life of the church. They are helpful to bring vision, strategy, and tactics together. They help us ask questions that bring new understanding, better execution and clarity to bring about the Kingdom of Jesus to a world in need.”

Pete Yoshonis, Lead Pastor at All Shores Wesleyan

“We had a weekend long summit and it gave us real, tangible goals. We knew what we wanted to do, but we needed the how.”

Donny Gordon

Donny Gordon, Elder at Griffith First Christian

Daryl’s ability to guide our staff and elders towards a passionate and strategic vision has been monumental to our church. You will find he and his team to be an absolute asset to your future and a friend to your team and pastor. His consulting philosophy of truly partnering with the church and team he serves go beyond any other such resources we have used in the past. 

Ron Williams, Senior Pastor at Pathway Community Church

“Are you praying your church family will become more outward focused, more on Biblical mission? Daryl is facilitating church leaders in becoming intentional about inviting people to faith in Jesus and becoming intentional about missional impact into your local community. I highly recommend him and his team.”

Carl Boersma, Central Iowa Classis Leader at Reformed Church in America

“I highly recommend using Daryl. In my opinion, he is both a continual student of the “Church” and an expert on it. He has a rare ability to take a plurality of leaders and get them on the same page … reaching one more for Christ. His expertise is helping a church formulate step-by-step directions for accomplishing their particular mission and vision. He really is a Pastor’s best friend and ministry shot in the arm.”

Jeff Moes, Lead Pastor at Sunnybrook Community Church

“We know what direction God was calling us, but we had drifted away from it. Daryl helped us refocus and regain our passion for the work God was calling us to.”

Shawn Gerbers, Pastor at Ross Community Reformed Church

“We have worked with Daryl and his team for nearly a decade, helping us clarify what God is calling us into in each phase of our ministry. Daryl has not only helped us stay current with culture and ministry trends, he has provided outside perspective on our context and culture. And with all of that he has been indispensable in assisting us in defining next steps and formulating a vision for the future.”

Tim Hester, Lead Pastor at Grace Fellowship

“Daryl inspired in us a sense of urgency regarding our mission and a sense of hopefulness that we could make significant strides forward in that mission. As a pastor, I’ve appreciated his availability and his genuine love for me and our church.”

Scott Stephan, Past at Second Reformed

Daryl & his team provide a perfect mix of passion for your church being on mission and truthfulness about your church’s realities on the ground. Whether you are a growing church wanting to ‘next level’ your effectiveness or a stuck church wanting to reverse a downward trend, you won’t regret the investment.

Tyler Hartford, Lead Pastor at Pleasant View Church

Let’s get started

Whether your a church of 50 or 5,000, God has a vision for your church. You have a role in the Kingdom, which matters.